Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Gestures: Apps behavior on applying single and double tapping

Recently, I noticed the risk of implementing two different actions on making a single and double tapping. Here is the scenario.

I was on the screen which has three text fields and all the three are mandatory. I entered data in first two fields and submitted the data by leaving the other one as empty. I got an error pop up which says enter the data in the third text field (this is not an actual error message content) with the button “OK” provided to close that pop up. So, I made a single tap on the button and noticed the behavior. I also noticed the behavior on making double tapping the button in the same pop up screen.

The actions for single and double tapping are not same. For single tapping, it closes the pop up screen and now the screen with the three text field is in foreground. On making double tapping, I noticed that, the action for the first tap closes the pop up screen and the second action was hitting the text field which was overlapped with the “Ok” button in the pop up screen. So, the second action was enabled by itself and taken to the different screen. I noticed the risk of having such behavior. I know that the risk varies based on the context.

Imagine, if it is a Payment button, Send button for email, or any other options (that needs just one action to compete the task) has been replaced in the place of text field. Here the task will be invoked automatically without the user actions.

The risk rate could be low for the app where I noticed this issue. But still it is not a best practice as it adds one more screen to complete the task  and also as context change the risk rate might also change within that app. So, I suggest that the gestures double/single behavior should be same to avoid such risk. 

Few investigations we made to get into the issues are
  • We saw the pix-elation applied between the header and the text field.
  • Length of the dialog box in the screen.
  • Increased the size of the font size through phone setting and noticed the behavior.

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